Celebrity Blurbs for E-Book Promotion: The Blurb Blog 

I always feel envious when I open a book, and there are pages and pages of great blurbs from celebrity reviewers telling the reader what a masterful, spellbinding, page-turner the novel I’m about to read is. If you are an indie author, like myself, those celebrity blurbs are hard to come by. I’ve been turned down by the most celebrated, all of whom shall remain nameless. It’s too embarrassing to relate the depths to which I am willing to sink. Don’t feel self-righteous. You’ve been there too.

There is…

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Radiation May Up Breast Cancer Risk in Some Women 

The health news today supports what we at the Diet Madhouse have been saying loud and clear. Screening’s power to cut the risk of dying of breast cancer has been wildly overinflated. See http://health.yahoo.net/news/s/ap/radiation-may-up-breast-cancer-risk-in-some-women

Yearly mammograms are not nearly as effective at reducing the risk of dying of breast cancer as we would like to think. Screening tests do a great job at catching cancers destined to exist quietly without causing problems but they have a…

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Legitimate Rape: The Dark Side of Believing 

Claude M. Bristol’s 1948 book, The Magic of Believing, introduced audiences to the concept that they could achieve anything they desired simply by believing so strongly that the wish became a reality. Bristol subscribed to philosopher William James’s statement that “Belief creates its verification in fact.” Although skeptical at first, Bristol came to believe that we all summon the magic of believing when we desperately want something to come into being.

When the believer only wants good things for…

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Who Shot J.R.? or Will a Vegan Diet Save Larry Hagman? 

In the final scene of the 1979-1980 season of Dallas, the character J.R. Ewing, played by Larry Hagman, was shot by an unknown assailant. Viewers had to wait all summer and, due to the Hollywood actors’ strike, most of autumn, to find out if J.R. survived and who did it.

This unforgettable cliffhanger has remained unrivaled until recently when Larry Hagman announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer. And that he is “whooping” the disease into submission by becoming a vegan. Once again, we are taunted…

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