Diary of a Dieting Madhouse: the Novel

Comical office romance and life-journey story combine for a satisfying, amusing read. Enjoyable like a slice of chocolate cake, minus the guilt. Kirkus Reviews- October 2012

Rowan Faine compulsively overeats to compensate for the big changes that have taken place in her life. Forced to cope with the death of her parents in a car accident, inheriting her rebellious younger sister to raise, and being constantly bombarded with free food at Knight & Daye, the downtown Dallas law firm where she’s a secretary, Rowan gains 35 pounds. Even though Rowan deals daily with the erratic nature of the attorneys she works for, in an atmosphere where class distinctions, while subtle, still thrive even in this enlightened time, she is caught off balance by a new, lateral hire attorney, the proud and haughty Grey Faris. Grey and Rowan instantly clash, particularly when she overhears him call her “fat.” 

Rowan soon becomes convinced that her prejudices against Grey are well-founded. But her outgoing, playful nature and impertinence have attracted his attention, and, in spite of himself, his admiration.  And when her perpetually beautiful and skinny best friend, Madelyn Morrison, introduces her to the website Diary of a Dieting Madhouse (The Diet), her world changes forever. 

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Stranger Than Fiction - An Urban Tale 

Book CoverSometimes, what actually happens is more bizarre than anything that could have been imagined. That is the case with this story. It’s based on an incident that occurred a few years ago in Fort Worth, Texas, when a woman hit a pedestrian and drove home with him stuck in her windshield.

The Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted the case said, “I'm going to have to come up with a new word. Indifferent isn't enough. Cruel isn't enough to say. Heartless? Inhumane? Maybe we've just redefined inhumanity here.” Feeling the same shock and wonder as the DA, the author attempts to delve into the psyche of each character who played a part in the incident in an attempt to work out their motivations.

Originally selected to appear in New Century Voices, an anthology published by the Sarasota Literary Society, the short story was eventually rejected when a lawyer advised the group against publication, stating that it was “too similar to a recent real-life incident.” The author has no such scruples and is now making it available to readers.

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