Author PhotoPaige Singleton, a legal secretary and photographer in a former life, has written a number of award-winning short stories, but her first love is novel-length fiction. Diary of a Dieting Madhouse is her first novel, and her second will be available soon. She has been described as having "a fun and consistent authorial voice," and readers say she had them "laughing out loud" at her "wonderful dialog and really terrific similes." She specializes in characters who overcome tremendous obstacles and make drastic changes in order to obtain their deepest desires. They are the people we all recognize and love to read about.


Diary of a Dieting Madhouse has been described as "Bridget Jones's Diary meets Skinny Bitch." 

Rowan is an outspoken, overweight secretary at a successful law firm. Since the death of her parents, she’s assumed care of her younger sister, suffered financial woes and sought solace in food. Her frustration often manifests itself in angry outbursts at the firm and friction with her bosses. Luckily, her ruffled feathers and outrage are smoothed and defused by Madelyn, her svelte, calm best friend and co-worker.

After Madelyn refers her to Diary of a Dieting Madhouse (the diet and the website are real!), Rowan begins slimming down. But the firm’s new attorney, Grey Faris, handsome, wealthy and smart, complicates her life. Grey seems to be the lawyer archetype—aloof and manipulative. Rowan catches Grey’s eye—or does she?

Singleton’s characterizations of the ebullient, perky office manager, stuffy lawyers, and Rowan’s flaky but kindhearted younger sister are rich and comical ... the comical office romance and life-journey story combine for a satisfying, amusing read. Kirkus Reviews, October 2012

Readers say Diary of a Dieting Madhouse is "beautifully written, clever and different." For an excerpt from the novel, click here.

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